Easy to sign up & earn

Cablr provides companies with a simple and seamless corporate transportation solution. Companies have the ability to order premium transportation for employees or clients through the secure Cablr web portal.

  • 1 Sign up on the Cablr Business Portal
  • 2 Use our marketing tools to attract more riders.
  • 3 Book a car for your guests, employees, residents or customers.
  • 4 Add your payment method and payout the money you earn.

Cablr Business Partners

  • Hotels, Travel Agencies
  • Consulting Firms, Law Firms, Luxury Buildings
  • Automobile Dealerships

Cablr Professional Drivers

We cooperate with more than 500 limo companies

All ground transportation services offered by Cablr use professional drivers. Without exception, all drivers are pre-screened and must pass a background check before they are able to begin driving for Cablr. Additionally, all vehicles are checked for safety and comfort to ensure they meet our high standards for our distinguished clients. The maximum allowed age for vehicle models is three years.

Referral System

The Cablr Referral System brings an innovative, powerful and unprecedented concept to the ground transportation market. Cablr business partners will have the opportunity to earn residual income by sharing their unique referral code number with other passengers.

  • Every time a passenger uses Cablr, no matter where, the owner of the referral code, who shared their referral number with the riding passenger will receive 10% commission from Cablr.
  • Every time an organization requests a car from Cablr using their account, the business will receive 10% commission from Cablr.

Request car from Cablr Business Portal

Marketing Tools and Materials

  • - A stand that can be placed near the entrance, in the parking lot or inside the building.
  • - Stickers that can be affixed on front doors or on materials provided to the clients.
  • - Banners that can be stationed at the reception desk, in rooms or public areas where they can attract the attention of clients.
  • - Banners that can be placed on a website or used on social networks.

Rely on high security

Creating an account on the Cablr Business Portal requires no contract or obligation to use the platform. Clients are free to delete their account at any time. All personal data that customers provide to Cablr during registration or use with the service is stored on AWS servers. We support multi-region, multi-primary replication, and provide full data oversight with multiple levels of security, including network isolation and end-to-end encryption. AWS databases deliver high availability, reliability, and the security we need for business-critical, enterprise data. Without exception, all personal data that customers provide to Cablr when registering or using the service is not used for marketing purposes and is not transferred to any third parties.

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